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19 August 2011 @ 12:21 am
Yes hello everyone, long time no lj! How have you been?? Gawsh I've missed this place. Well just took a break from work and decided to read Maru's page instead of typing up notes for Japanese. After actually studying Japanese as a subject boy can I understand Maru better ahaha. Well here's yesterday's page. I liked this one.
Page 734

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi.
My muscles hurt.
Yesterday we practiced for 'Dream Boys'.
Today we have the interviews for 'Asahi shinbun', 'Tvfan', 'Myojo'.
The feeling of training, it somehow brought back memories.
It seems physical and emotional strength is more important than expected.
First I must keep these words in mind.
I'll do my best.
Also school's soon going into summer holidays.
It's next week right?
However by then I must hand (something) in and there's still two more major assignments to do.
If I get through this I've got one year and a half before I graduate.
I'll do my best.
See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Wanted to share cos he's talking about his homework. And since its been ages I need to make a new banner and I need to... uhh yeah I will not say what else I have stored to finish/post up on this community. Clue: new pv, thus I must post XXXXX to XXXXX the XXXX with you all. ehehehe wait for it, ne.

*giant hug*
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12 February 2011 @ 01:49 am
Around a year back I did the 'Cartoon KAT-TUN, sleeping around' comic, I'm not sure if you remember? Based on the 2010/2011 'KAT-TUN in Cartoons' photo shoot.
Now, I'm taking the same 'let's make up a crack story' concept and fitted it around Koki starting at Nakame in the UW making-of. You know, this macro:

A lot of people really liked this one, and personally I did as well, and the whole bat sequence really made me think 'Kokame flirts so nicely together' <333 Honestly it was hilarious. So I was feeling a little not so top of the morning and I thought I might as well do something to cheer me up.

So here you have it: KOKI'S ULTIMATE PLAN.
Do not hotlink. Save if you want. Repost to wherever if you want but pls credit ^^ Dedicated to je_levy , because you're so awesome and you really know how to crack me up. So to say thank you, in a way~
total: 34 panels~! how did the plan go?Collapse )
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10 February 2011 @ 03:00 pm
*points at No.655*
well, it's not him. But it's him fanboying over his tablet and drawings and stuff.

.... once again;

/end rant.
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07 February 2011 @ 06:13 pm

Nakamaru's Page 2011.02.04
No. 653

he asks if we liked UW/the backstage corner, pleased because he's been a good boy and handed in all his essays on time, the wonders of non-verbal communication, MS and Galileo promoCollapse )

(*) As you can see here, I have no idea what the #$%^&@* he's talking about. ^^ I don't follow galileo, though I do stalk tv asahi once in a while for a glimpse of pensive Nakamaru. XD

I find his essay topics interesting! He's growing into a wise youthful looking young man with a thorough base knowledge of crows, internet, non-verbal communication, lotus roots and algae species! (last two are from the making of UW XPP) An excellent candidate for girls to take home to their mothers! ahahahaha I should totally write an essay on how Nakamaru's such an eligible young man, mm??

AND I AM SURPRISED AT HOW MUCH YOU ALL LIKED MY MACROS. *cries happily* You guys are so good to me =D
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07 February 2011 @ 01:09 am

You should get the drift by now. This is all purely for fun and it's all for the sake of crack and... laughing at our favourite boys. No, laughing with them. If you've not watched this making of, pls do. Personally I found it absolutely hilarious. I'm a little sleepy atm so I didn't make all the ones I intended to in the first place. For now, I hope this'll do. ^^ NO HOTLINKING. If you repost to wherever, pls credit me. thanks~
to the funny crackity crackCollapse )
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06 February 2011 @ 06:37 pm
I need a banner. Just imagine a photo of Ueda here laughing at Maru drinking that bitter green vegetable juice thing on last week's R-One. You know, the kind of evil high pitched little kid laughter he has. (<3)


This is Ueda Tatsuya

Today KAT-TUN new song has been released
Because 3 versions have been released, I'll definitely be happy if you check out all of them

Moreover at the same time
We're performing on a music program so if you check that out for me I'll be happy

Well then!

Ueda, I love your simplicity. Totally different from Maru's latest posts..........
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06 February 2011 @ 06:19 pm
Nakamaru, you're cool and smart and funny and everything.

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28 January 2011 @ 09:16 pm

Nakamaru's Page 2011.01.17
No. 645

Nice Logotomo CM, download thing, Taguchi looks like 'OO', a new non-commital accessory, brief mention of Asia Cup, pervy R-One ep?Collapse )
Note: MISANGA. Are awesome. See wikipedia article here. And picture of Misanga here. They're easy to make ^^

T/N: There appears to be a new character in his page. The name of the pink thing is Puru Puru. WTH is with all this cuteness??? <3

Also - The non-commital red is nice. .... Nakamawu, let me cuddle you pwease. Uhh, no actually it's fine... XDDD I shall blame Puru Puru for my fluffiness. =3

ALSO. I hope I translated the lewd part right. I mean, I know Ueda's pervy. Is that the maid-clothing episode? I don't remember.

Little factor: the next entry to be posted up shall be his Wednesday entry, No. 649. 646,647,648 are all quite lengthy and soccer-filled. Highlight of the three: He actually cried when he watched the soccer match. O.O"

No. 649 he is even more hyper cos it's the 'ZOMG JAPAN MADE IT TO THE FINALLLSSSSS' entry. So that's why it's the next one I'm dealing with.

Thank you for all your  comments and love and support =DDD I'll reply to 644 comments now ^^

ALSO. is that like, the third 'also' I've done in this note? Anyway. THERE IS A SURPRISE COMING TO THIS COMM. SOON. Ahaharhar. Tish gonna be cracky~~ ^^ look forward to it ne ^^

OMG. Is PuruPuru a vampire?! xDDD Either Nakamaru is a twilight fan or... he's just scarred by the NaKame Dentist skit. I do hope it's the latter. 'I'm hungryy~~' = KAME YOU AWESOME DUDE.
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